Botrrill Villa

The customer

Lisa and Simon Botrrill are a married British couple in their fifties whose 4 daughters are now grownups. They contacted us for the construction of a custom Mediterranean villa in the region of Costa Brava that would accommodate their family while considering their needs and hobbies.

The space needed to be child friendly for their young grandchildren yet spacious enough to accommodate their large group of friends and family.

Lisa and Simon love hiking, kayaking, golf – and above all else, the food, the sun, and the people of Spain!

The Villa

Our British couple wanted nothing less than perfection – and we delivered that, starting with picking a premium land slot standing right at the union between the mountain and the Mediterranean Sea in the Costa Brava region.

Lisa and Simon’s vacation family dinners usually gather around 20 adults and more than 10 children. Apart from the 2 main bedrooms, it was a natural decision to create 2 separate luxurious suites with private bathrooms that can comfortably accommodate Lisa and Simon’s numerous guests.

For Arkavis, details are EVERYTHING. We used the best materials and construction technologies in the construction and furnishing of Lisa and Simon’s villa:

Their home is an ode to beauty, family life, and simplicity in its purest form.