Benton Villa

The customer

Paul Benton and his wife, a married couple in their late forties and fifties, contacted us for a fantastic project: building their custom Mediterranean villa in a gated and exclusive community in the region of Costa Brava.

Paul is a major car enthusiast with a nice car collection. He loves his family, cars, and Spain. The decision was a no-brainer: they started building an impressive villa that serves as a vacation home and an investment asset generating monthly passive income. The villa is rented 80% of the time to travelers who value luxury, comfort, and privacy.

The Villa

The primary purpose of the new building is one of the first questions we ask our customers. Why? Because a luxury rental property is built differently from a vacation home solely used by one family.

The Bentons’ property serves both purposes, so it was paramount to consider the tourism factor. The property needs private bathrooms for every bedroom, large leisure areas on the 1500 square feet property, and all the amenities found in a 5-star hotel – from private parking to a spa and a home cinema.

Needless to add, the property has direct access to the beach – it only takes 50 steps down a flight of stairs to reach the Mediterranean Sea.

The Bentons Mediterranean villa is a dream come true – and so can be your next house in Spain!