We help expats build their homes in Spain without all the hassle, the waste of money, and the stress.

Arkavis - Build your home in Spain

Build your custom villa using our range of services that cover EVERYTHING - from choosing the proper land and obtaining the building permits to the maintenance of the pool.

We keep a high standard of customer service, personalization, and transparency. Our boutique design-build firm can only serve 4 more customers this year.

Arkavis is different.

Here’s why

We are the only Spanish company live streaming the entire construction of your home. And we don’t stop here.

Building a house abroad can be stressful – that’s why we handle EVERY aspect of the execution – from completing the paperwork through the final build-out. Our range of pre-construction services combined with our general contracting and maintenance services remove the frustrations and uncertainty that usually come with building a house from scratch.

Building your own Arkavis custom home has no uncertainty or unpleasant surprises. Our digital platform gives you access to 24/7 live streaming from the construction site, full access to project status updates, budget updates, and a direct communication channel with the project manager, the architect, or the team of builders and landscapers. Transparency is our favorite tool, and we use it to the fullest.

Our tailored approach to internationals entails speaking English fluently and understanding the logistical hurdles of not being in the country during construction. Our custom solutions for your peace of mind include connecting you with the right local lawyers and architects or completing all the logistical work – including filling out the paperwork required to purchase land or obtain local permits from the local authorities.

Arkavis - Build your home in Spain

What do you have in mind for your new construction project?

We help expats build a vacation home, a forever home, or their new investment asset in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia

We turn the stressful process of building a house from scratch into a stress-free situation

Don't let the construction of your home abroad get the best of you!

Arkavis - Build your home in Spain

Accurate pricing

Our fixed-price policy ensures no budget overruns in constructing your new home. The contractually agreed level of investment will only change if you decide to alter the project's complexity.

Arkavis - Build your home in Spain

Reliable schedule

The project goes smoothly with a clear timeline, a designated project manager, and a timely completion guarantee. Deadlines are essential – and we make sure that your home is finished within the agreed schedule.

Arkavis - Build your home in Spain

Quality control

We love building high-quality homes that exceed our client's expectations. We employ design, innovative technology, precision, quality of space, and materials to increase your home value significantly - and, more importantly, to make you happy.

Our Home Building Process

We are an all-in-one team with a single mission: build your dream home abroad.

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Discovery phase
A custom home reflects your interests and passions. The discovery phase involves getting to know you, what your dream home looks like, and its primary purpose. We get to know your taste, expectations, and desires. You also get advised on the needed services, the budget, and the timeline.
Planning phase
After the discovery phase is complete and the overall vision is clear, we outline the project in minor detail. We determine the project scope, budget, and timeline. You can choose how much time you wish to invest in the whole process.
Building phase
Whether you’re looking for a modern villa or a rustic Masias, our team of interior designers and architects will work with you to translate your vision into reality. Our builders execute that plan to create a look that exceeds your expectations and matches your taste.
Enjoy your new home!
You will love being the first person to ever turn the key in the door of your newly built Spanish residence! You’ll receive your premium Arkavis house spotless and ready to enjoy. For extra peace of mind, you will receive a full year of complimentary house maintenance services from our company.

Are you interested in building a custom home in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia?

Hello! We are Arkavis.

Arkavis is a boutique design-build firm with 10+ years of experience building residential and commercial projects. Because we are a small company with a profound commitment to offering customized solutions and services, we cannot spread thin between dozens of projects. We only focus on building 4-6 houses at a time, thereby providing a higher standard of customer service, personalization, and transparency to every client. We bring a wealth of experience fostering smooth project deliveries and a high level of artistry backed by a 10-year Quality Warranty. If you are in the area, visit our office located in Girona, Spain (Vulpellac, Carrer dels Arboços, 10, nave 7).

What our customers say

Our guarantee

Our mission is to take the stress away from the process of building your home abroad and make it seem effortless. Our 10-year Quality Warranty is part of our firm commitment to fulfilling our mission.

All the materials and finishes used to build an Arkavis premium house are quality certified and are covered by the 10-year warranty.

Deadlines are important – and here’s how we ensure that your vacation home is finished within schedule: if we finish the construction of your home later than agreed, you and your family will still enjoy Spain at our expense – because we will cover your unlimited stay at a 4-star hotel until the project is completed.

Unforeseen circumstances may occur. However, you should never be the one to suffer the consequences.

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